Welcome to Our Website

We're happy you're here! You can find all the information about the website in this post.

We're happy you're here! You can find all the information about the website in this post.
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Hello everybody! Welcome to our brand new website. We hope this website makes it easy for you to find the information you need and get in touch with us as easily as possible. Here’s a quick runthrough of all the features of the website (more coming soon!)

Home Page

The home page is where you’ll find short descriptions of all of our services, our mission, and some testimonials from patients. You can also hit the “request an appointment” button on the home page, and that will bring you to the “request an appointment page.” Right now, our services include substance misuse management, medical marijuana, ketamine for depression, primary care, and trigger point injections, but we’re constantly adding more! Check the home page for new services!

About Us

This is where you’ll find our lovely team members and a short history of our office! We’re constantly adding new team members and expanding with students, so check back here for updates!

Request an Appointment

Here, you can request an appointment. We’ll take down some basic information and get in contact with you. If you’d like, you can download the forms and fill them out (either electronically or on paper) and send them to us by email, fax, or bring them in for your appointment.

Contact Us

This one is pretty self-explanatory! Fill out the form with any questions you have, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


These pages have all the information about services, including some of our policies, procedures, and general knowledge. Be sure to check these pages before you request an appointment to make the process as smooth as possible!


The blog (where you are right now) is where you’ll find all the latest and greatest information about Park Avenue Medical. We’ll post here when we’ve added a new service, when we’ve come across interesting research we’d like to share, or if we just have updates about Park Avenue Medical in general!

That’s it! Short and sweet for this post, but check back frequently for everything you need to know about Park Avenue Medical!

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